Edemasorb Product overview

Edemasorb Kit
Edemasorb Kit


  • A product developed and produced by Health Ascension Investments.

The EDEMASORB Kit contains a bamboo-cotton blend terry-towelling sports-style reusable wrap and two disposable unbleached cotton calico packs filled with a natural crystalline form of Sodium Carbonate.

The purpose of this kit is to provide a simple way to aid in the removal of excess fluid from sprains and strains, to relieve pressure and pain from swelling allowing for increased mobility and promoting faster recovery.

Oedema or fluid retention is seen as swelling in one or more parts of the body where fluid gets trapped. It is most common in the ankles and feet. Often times this is as a result of a post-traumatic injury such as sporting injuries but can also be a symptom of systemic dysfunction such as kidney or heart disease and medications.

EDEMASORB is specifically designed for use upon stubborn post-injury swelling such as sprained ankles, knees and post-operative swelling.

EDEMASORB can also be used for the temporary relief of discomfort and pain caused by oedema as a result of other conditions such as reactive arthritis and gout.

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It is advisable to seek the care of a medical health care professional if symptoms persist.

The disposable packs are composed of unbleached cotton bags filled with a crystalline form of Sodium Carbonate. These packs are designed to fit into a netted pocket within the bamboo-cotton terry and fleece application wrap. A velcro tab at one end of the wrap is used to secure the wrap in place.

The wrap is often worn overnight, with bedding protected with water-proof sheeting and an extra towel.

EDEMASORB is not intended as a first aid, nor as a cure for any medical conditions.

EDEMASORB Refill packs will also be available soon.

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The EDEMASORB Kit and EDEMASORB Refills are listed with the TGA(Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia), with ARTG No: 322221 and 322220

FDA (Food and Drug Administration of the United States) with DUNS No:74-498-0626

EDEMASORB is a registered trademark owned by Health Ascension Pty Ltd, an Australian owned company, and produced in China. EMASORB Kit, EDEMASORB Refills and EDEMASORB Sports Pack are all covered under Australian Patent Number 201910290